MAES Education Featured on WJBF The Dish

Mae Guinn, Founder of MAES Education Center, visits the set to tell us about their tutoring and SAT/ACT test prep center. We also learn about the Ideaventions® program they’ve recently introduced.

MAES Education Center was founded in 2007 in Augusta, GA.  With a team of knowledgeable and skilled instructors, Mae Guinn created a place where students could go to find the assistance they needed to achieve academic success.

Our mission is to offer every student the finest educational support, and we strive to live by this statement every day. The student’s needs guide all of our decisions including the kind of program recommended, the tutor assigned to work with the student, the curriculum to be used, the program duration and much more.

MAES Education Center connects great tutors with students and parents seeking superior educational services to guide individuals toward their peak performance at school, in their careers, and in life. Through our private, unique one-on-one model, using the student’s actual classwork, text, and past tests, students routinely see a quick improvement in their grades.  Our tutors quickly identify a student’s weaknesses and teach concepts or lessons that need to be covered using the student’s school’s curriculum as a guide.  This ensures that the material covered is exactly what the student is working on at school.

College preparation is only one step toward college admission. MAES offers access to highly regarded college admissions specialists. Our college counseling service helps students reach their college admission goals.  Our SAT and ACT Prep Classes have enabled students to consistently boost their scores to gain admission to their target colleges and universities.

MAES Education Center also offers a full range of summer camp opportunities for students from pre-school to high school seniors.  Our Summer Camp Guide is available on our website each spring.

What distinguishes MAES?  We are locally owned and MAES does not require contracts. Students come for the length of time that best suits their needs. For some it may be one or two weeks to get through an especially difficult section in a challenging course. Others need an hour a week with one-on-one tutoring for an entire semester. Students reserve an appointment time in advance; many students maintain a standing appointment with the same tutor for the duration of the semester or the year.

Today, MAES Education Center offers a wide variety of services for all subjects for all grade levels. We share our knowledge and Guide you Toward Your Peak. Your success is our success!

Why MAES?  Because MAES tutoring works!  Contact us at 706-860-8585 or