Spotlight on Tutors

At MAES, we take pride in partnering with the best tutors in Augusta and the CSRA.

augusta-state-universityEmilie Halvorsen

Augusta State University
Favorite Class in College: Calculus
Favorite Holiday Tradition: My husband and I collect Christmas ornaments whenever we travel to a new place. Every year, when we hang the ornaments, it reminds us of all the fun times we had at each of those places!

georgia-techYutong Dong

Georgia Institute of Technology
Favorite Class in College:  Senior Design (most useful college class in my opinion)
Favorite Holiday Tradition:  Any feast-related activities because you know…it’s food lol

eagleJohn Guerrieri

Eastern Michigan University, BS, MS
Favorite Class in College: Abstract Algebra and History of the Old South
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Cooking the Turkey for Thanksgiving and being with family


Lisa Cheek

Newberry College
Favorite Class in College: Spanish
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

 georgia-southernJudy Davidson

Georgia Southern University
Favorite Class in College: Spanish Conversation & Composition
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Thanksgiving with traditional fattening food served on fine china


Marsie Anderson

Georgia Southern University, Augusta State University, Cambridge College
Favorite Class in College: US History with Dr. Moseley
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Steak and Eggs on Christmas Morning


Shawna Lloyd

Clemson University
Favorite Class in College: Physics
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Big family dinner during Thanksgiving break